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How to Create Affirmations

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How to Create Powerful Affirmations:

  • Take stock of yourself by making an inventory of your best qualities, abilities, or other attributes. Are you a hard worker, organized, beautiful? Make note of it. Write each quality down in a short sentence, starting with "I" and using the present tense: "I am beautiful," for example, or "I am generous." These statements are affirmations of who you are. We seem to always dwell on all the negative things we don’t like about ourselves. A list of your positive attributes will help you break the cycle.

  • Take a day or two and write down all the negative scripts you tell yourself. For example “I am so fat," I have no willpower,” “I will never be successful” etc. We will turn these harmful thought around using affirmations. Affirmations are excellent at counteracting negative perceptions you have about yourself.

  • You may find you have a lot of different areas to work on. It is more effective to concentrate on just a few affirmations at a time. Choose the most important negative scripts you need to change. Once you start seeing improvement in those area’s you will go to the next.

  • Now is the time to turn your negative self-talk into positive affirmations. This will help you re-script your sub-conscious mind. Just like you wrote your best qualities at the beginning of this exercise you will now turn your negatives into positives. There are rules when writing your affirmations. You must remember when you write an affirmation they are in the present tense and occur in the now.

  • Affirmations must be positive not negative. A negative affirmation is one that states your opposition to it. Example: “I am not my father," “I do not think bad thoughts," “I do not eat when I am not hungry," “I will not gain weight." They allow the mind to hear negative connotations that will override the positive you are trying to achieve. So instead of using the examples above you would write: “I fill my mind with positive thoughts every day”, “I chose to eat food that is nourishing” IE: “I am not," I do not create” “I do not think," are negative starts to any affirmation.


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