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Having been in this business so long I have found many different resources that are very valuable to online business owners. I have run into my share of look good – do nothing sites as well.

Valuable Resources & Freebies



The links on these pages are truly some of the best placed to do business – some are free some do cost a bit but any which way, they are all very valuable reliable links for you to use in your business and personal development.

Affordable, Custom website and graphic design

Color Theory - pick your colors with this fun site.

Click Here

15 Free Photoshop Plug-ins!

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Confused by web site terminology?

Want to know the meaning to an internet acronym? I have the solution for you!

Free Goodies!! Who doesn't love that..

The best freebie site I have ever seen. You designers and developers will love this site

Click Here

Do you want to know if your web site is search engine ready?

Go to this web site and see. It is free!

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My #1 Choice for hosting a website.

Great customer service - prices cannot be beat - value added!

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