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Personal development helps you in prioritizing the important things in life. It gives you balance and peace of mind; it helps to clear the clutter of negative thinking and self-doubt. I feel this is important enough to add it to my website.

It is so important to take the time because it will lead to a more balanced and harmonious life and that leads to a successful and fulfilling existence.

What is personal development? It is the act of enriching one’s own physical, emotional and psychological well-being. It is me time – and everyone around you will be enriched because you will be your best self.

One of the best ways to get rid of road block that clutter your mind or hold you back from achieving your full potential are combining Affirmations, Meditation and Self-hypnosis audio.

Using all three is a powerful combination. One that will reach into your subconscious, reprogram your thoughts turning around the negative and creating positive thoughts. This in turn improves every area of your life – business – personal – social…

So many people try affirmations and when they don’t get the results they think they should have given up and abandon the idea. They do work when done properly.

There are two types of affirmations. 

The Intention that you wish to create, it would look like this: “I have perfect health," “I make people happy," “I am perfectly calm,"" I am smart and successful."

A decision or conclusion “I do the best I can," “People are basically good," “I have everything I need to be extremely successful."

Make your affirmations visible so you can use them over, and over, and over. Repetition is the key to making affirmations effective. You will need to repeat them to yourself several times a day or more. How?

Write your affirmations in a journal every morning when you wake up and when you go to bed each night. They should be the first thing you think of when you get up and the last thing your think when you go to bed.

Meditate on your affirmations. Get comfortable close your eyes and repeat your affirmations, visualize how you will feel, what it will look like – feel the emotion behind the affirmation.

The more you affirm something the more firmly your mind will accept it. Using affirmations in combination with a goal can be very powerful.

Affirmations are part of the Law of Attraction used hand in hand you will be shocked at what happens..

How to Write an Affirmation


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